A Virginia African American Genealogy

Roots Exposed:  The lineage and interrelationships of 15 families from Virginia’s Sussex, Southampton and Greensville counties

by Stuart W. Doyle 

Roots Exposed is the genealogy of its author, exploring 15 of his family branches from the 1700s until 1950.  The story is presented through a combination of research-based facts supported by oral accounts of relatives and others who have lived in or whose roots stem from Greensville, Southampton, Sussex and surrounding Virginia and North Carolina counties.  The roots of more than 15 surnames in Stuart Doyle’s family tree are exposed along with many others representing allied families.  (See the list of both in the right column.)

From vivid accounts of slave life to early 20th century scholarly achievements,Roots Exposedis encumbered with triumphant and tragic episodes, colorful ancestral personality sketches and poignant personal recollections.  More than 70 vintage photographs enhance the storytelling.  The 600-page publication also presents occupations, military history, social memberships, grave site recordings plus vital data such as birth, marriage and death listings.  Read also how families evolved in nearby and neighboring Virginia communities in counties including Brunswick, Dinwiddie and Isle of Wight, and in Halifax, North Carolina.

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